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I am Nele.
a mother of three,

a wife to an Irish man,

a photographer,

an Estonian in Ireland.


My photography style is relaxed and natural.


I want to capture your moments and the connection you have with your favourite people in the world. I want you to look at your images and be brought back to that moment in your life.    

I don’t want to just take photos but capture real life and the joy that surrounds happy families.


Education and Workshops

  • Diploma in Photography - Shaw Academy

  • Newborn photography workshop with MK Slowinski Photography

  • Newborn Photography Bootcamp with Kelly Brown

  • Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial by Stephanie Cotta

  • Portrait Photography Bootcamp with Lindsay Adler

  • "Wrap like a pro" Newborn wrapping with Erin Tole

  • Online Newborn Retreat 2017

  • Newborn Workshop with Rachel Vanoven

  • “White with Studio Lights” with Chris Higginbottom

  • “Naturally Beautiful Studio Light” with Kasia Photography

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