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I bet you're sitting there right now wondering how your little newborn has grown so fast and turned into an individual with his own little personality.

Baby photoshoots are the perfect way to remember the precious milestones that babies reach during their first year. These are moments that you won’t get back, so let’s capture those gorgeous gummy smiles and chubby leg rolls before they are just a memory!

These sessions are simple and natural and the focus is all on baby. However I strongly recommend that mum and dad are part of the session while we are capturing these memories for your family. 



What is the best time for a baby photoshoot?
These baby sessions are suitable for babies between 2 months and 2 years. Unlike newborn sessions, there isn’t a “best time” to get these photos done. Babies are perfect at every age!
However there are some special stages that you might want to capture:

*3-4 months when your baby has started to smile more and is able to hold his head up while on his belly
*6-8 months when they are able to sit up by themselves.

First Birthday photoshoots are always special too!

Do you offer First Birthday photo sessions?

Absolutely! Now, I don't have a "first birthday photoshoot", but any baby session can be turned into a birthday session. My style is quite natural and simple so I don't offer cake smash sessions or do anything elaborate. I do however have a few props we can use to mark the birthday. There are a wooden "ONE" and "TWO" signs and also a cute wooden cake at the studio. And I also have white balloons that we can use. 

What to wear to my session?

I will send you a PDF with all of the information on how to prepare for your session and what to wear. But always recommend natural and timeless outfits.

What should my baby wear?

I have a selection of simple little outfits in the studio suitable for babies from birth up to about 2.5 years of age. But you can also bring your own if you’d like - just keep it simple and natural.

What if my baby is hungry, cries or is unsettled?

Our main goal is to keep your baby happy. We can take breaks for feeding, settling and cuddling when needed. And if the baby is only happy in parents arms, then I’ll adjust the session and can get a full gallery with mum/ dad near or holding the baby.

Can siblings take part of the baby photoshoot?

Absolutely! The Baby Session includes images of big brothers and sisters with baby too. If you would, however, like to get some photos of big brothers and sisters on their own also, then I would recommend going for a family session (click here for information about the family session)

If you have any more questions or would like to book your session, then please click here to send me a message 

Scroll through some images taken at my recent baby sessions

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