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Pregnancy Photoshoot Galway

Congratulations, you are growing a miracle inside of you! There is nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation that comes with falling pregnant. As women, the way our bodies can adapt and nurture a new life is simply amazing!


I feel so honoured that you are considering letting me be a part of your journey.


I know that not every pregnant mum feels like a goddess. After all, it is tiring growing a little person while still juggling the demands of everyday life. But I promise you -


you will not regret having a pregnancy photoshoot and capturing this special time in your life!


Quite the opposite, it's one of the things that you might regret not doing.


Your maternity photo session can be the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself - to put on make up, have your hair and nails done and feel like a princess.


You can wear a beautiful dress from my studio wardrobe or keep it casual in jeans and a top - either way, you will walk away with gorgeous photos and wonderful memories for you and your baby.



Scroll through some beautiful images from my recent pregnancy sessions


When should I book my pregnancy photoshoot?

I would recommend booking your session after your 20 week scan. That’ll give us enough time to find a suitable date and plan for your session.



When is the best time to do a maternity session?

I find that the best time is between 26-34 weeks. It all depends on how you’re feeling, how much you’re showing and if you’re expecting one baby or multiples.



How should I prepare for my session? Will you help?

Absolutely! As your maternity photographer I am here for you each step of the way so you can relax and enjoy the process.
I will e-mail you a full PDF guide on how to prepare for your session and help you with any questions you might have.



What should I wear to my maternity photoshoot?

I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable so it’s best to choose clothes that fit right and that are “you”. There is no point picking outfits that you’re not comfortable in, as that will show in photos.

I have a client wardrobe full of white dresses in all different sizes for you to wear for your session. But I always encourage my clients to bring some of their own items too. Jeans and a white bra or a tight top are always good timeless options.

It also depends on the style or feel you want to go for. Sometimes a cozy cardigan and white woolly socks make the sweetest of images.



Can my partner and children be included in the session?

Absolutely! They are all part of this wonderful journey so should also be included in your images.



Will my images be shared on social media? 

Not if you don’t want them to be! There is a question in your contract whether you are ok with your images being shared or not.


I am so bad in front of the camera!!

Go easy on yourself!! Unless you pose for photos for a living, I expect that you might feel a little awkward at first. Don’t worry, though. I will pose you and guide you and redirect as needed so you should be able to relax and enjoy the moment.


If you have any more questions or would like to book your session, then please click here to send me a message 

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